About Us

Abeng Trading Inc. is the ecommerce platform connecting the Caribbean community of sellers with the global marketplace of producers and buyers. Our focus is the small retailers lacking the ability to connect directly with or source directly from manufacturers. We are the intermediary to consolidate hundreds of small orders into container loads, ship, repackage and distribute in the individual quantity ordered.

Our company, registered in the United States, is geared to serve the Caribbean islands and the larger Caribbean diasporas. The Caribbean community is an amalgam of different cultures overlaid on an afro-centric base. This is a community that enjoys life; works hard, plays hard and enjoys only the best wrapped with simplicity. As an example, take the various cuisines; infused with the best in natural herbs and traditional spices they are at once lively, delectable, subtle and organic. Caribbean folks frown on store bought seasoning concoctions unless they are known to contain only natural ingredients. The now fashionable term "organic" has always been native to Caribbean farming and cooking. Consequently any food product, seasoning or spice found on our store is guaranteed to be not only authentic but emphatically organic.

Our logo, resonant with meaning, also defines this simplicity. The bridge connects the cuisine, cultures and common aspirations of our islands threaded through the solid base of Caricom (the pillars of the bridge). The colors represent the vibrancy of the islands and diasporas, the wealth of our lands and the resiliency of our people. Finally the Abeng, the revered instrument of coded communication and sometimes music, declares to the world the authenticity and exacting standards of our products.